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Calculate postage costs and estimate delivery times. Compare postage costs or find out when your delivery should arrive.

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This set of stamps contains all five stamps from the Christmas 2022 stamp issue. This content was produced at the time of the stamp issue release date and will not be updated. Australia Post has been issuing special seasonal stamp designs for Christmas mailing since 1957 and, since 1975, stamps with reduced denominations for Christmas card postage.

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Large letter (500g) Max. dimensions. 260 x 360 x 20mm. E.g. C5, C4, B4 size envelopes. Regular delivery timetable (incl. GST) $7.50. Equivalent number of $1.50 stamps. 5. If you have received an invoice for underpaid mail and have additional questions, you'll find more information on our Underpaid mail page.

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Let us handle the writing, and take advantage of our special 'CARD ONLY' shipping rate. For a mere $4.00, your heartfelt message can journey to the North Pole or anywhere around the globe. Simply choose your desired card, pen your message in your cart, and voilà - the shipping rate magically appears as just $4.00. It's a steal!

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Christmas cards still get a special rate of 65 cents from Australia Post in November and December. All cards at any other time of year are $1.10 each. $50 set up fee to receive your data and print individual recipient addresses on your envelopes. Optional $50 set up fee if you wish to have individual names inside every card as part of your message.

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The Australia Post postage rates for medium-padded mailers (265 mm x 380 mm) cost $109 per 100 mailers. Medium rigid mailers come in a pack of 40 and cost $96.72. 20 medium parcel boxes (240 mm x 190 mm x 120 mm) cost $37.60. A hundred recycled padded bags (380 mm x 270 mm) cost $114.

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Here's how much stamps cost for sending within Australia and overseas. Here's how much stamps cost for sending within Australia and overseas.. Christmas stamps. Seasonal greeting card (Nov/Dec only) 1. Price. $0.65c. Booklet of 10 stamps: Price. $15. Buy now. Booklet of 20 stamps: Price. $30. Buy now. Roll of 100 stamps: Price. $150.

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International Post - Print Post Direct Bags up to 16kg (via Airmail) (1) Up to 16kg, the rate, per article, in Table 30. Whole of World. $65.00 for up to 5kg plus $13.00 for each kilogram of the mass of the bag and its contents over 5kg.

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The rate for sending a mail of up to 100 grams will cost you between $28.88 to $48.88, depending on the destination country. For over 100 grams and up to 250 grams, the international postage rates fall within the range of $36.81 to $55.95. Parcels weighing between 250 and 500 grams are charged between $48.44 and $72.34.

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Are you a concession card holder? You may be eligible for a reduced rate on domestic stamps. With a free Australia Post Concession account, you'll pay just 60c per stamp, instead of $1.50. You can buy up to 50 stamps per year, in booklets of 5 for $3. You'll even get a free booklet of 5 concession stamps to get you started.

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In Australia in 2014, small or standard Christmas cards with sizes up to 120 x 240 x 5mm cost 65c to send. Larger cards with dimensions of up to 260 x 360 x 20mm cost $1.30 to send. This answer is:

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Sent Locally For Fast Delivery. Once you're done, we'll print and post your card from our Australian operations. Any orders placed before 10AM AEST (that's about 1am in the UK) will be sent out the same day you place your order.

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Calculate and compare shipping and mailing rates for Canada and around the world. View standard postage rates. Sending from. Start typing the address or postal code.

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Make your Christmas greetings truly special, by creating and using your very own postage stamp. Save up to $10 per sheet of 20 Christmas-card-rate MyStamps until 12 December 2021.^. Our MyStamps online service allows you to put your own photograph directly inside a choice of nine stamp templates, including a festive star and gift.*.

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La La Land Card Flower Delivery. (2) $6.95. La La Land Card Dear Wombat. (1) $6.95. La La Land Card Sending Love Koala $6.95. Post a Card Overseas - Whether you're wanting to say g'day from Australia to the USA, UK, NZ or more, we understand international shipping is expensive. But never fear!

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The Australian Greeting Card together with Australia Post are promoting a special postage rate of 65c for Christmas Cards for the months of November and December. All post office preferred cards qualify for this special rate. Take advantage of this terrific offer to send Seasonal Greeting cards to friends and family this Christmas.