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as taytae said, there is a difference between ace and all rounder. An all rounder (jennie) is good at everything but doesn't excel at anything. And ace is someone who is BETTER at most of the skills or all of the skills. So there is really very few aces in the industry. I hate when people try to say their bias are aces, when they are not even.

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14. All-Rounder. All-rounder's have it all. It's a term used by fans, not an official position, referring to someone with a versatile set of skills. They're good at singing, dancing, acting, and producing, on top of being beautiful and witty. In many cases, their official profile shows more than two main or lead positions at the same time.

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Here are 15 idols that fans discussed being all-rounders on a public forum. This isn't at all an exhaustive list, however! 1. Wendy (Red Velvet) Everyone knows that Wendy is a remarkable vocalist, but her dancing and even rapping skills are pretty high up there too, even though she doesn't have a rapping position in Red Velvet! 2.

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Like. all rounder: someone who is above average in vocals, rap, dance ace: someone who excels in singing, rapping, dancing. also someone who composes/produces/writes lyrics. Do you think an ace member would need to have a main position in their group? Curious to see what peoples opinions are on this since I've heard conflicting information.

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Skz: All rounder: Han Ace: Bangchan TXT: All rounder: Taehyun Ace: Yeonjun NCT (I'm not gonna do, there are too many members) ITZY: All rounder: Chaeryeong Ace: Yeji NMIXX: All rounder: Kyujin Ace: Lily/Haewon LESSERAFIM: All rounder: Yunjin Ace: Kazuha/Chaewon NewJeans: All rounder.

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I personally feel that there is a confusion between "Ace" and "All rounder" that has spread among fans and companies are following suit. To bounce off what you say ISaidISaid, for me Seulgi is the Ace of Red Velvet but not an all rounder for example. citron-icy. Psychic Lover . Reactions 23,830

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all rounder is someone who is an ace at both dancing and singing + rapping not everyone on this list is an all rounder . 38 (+ 44 / - 6) Share. 35 more replies . BbRabbit 3,903 pts Thursday, May.


So, the biggest difference is an "all rounder" can be good at multiple things w/in their respective group, but an "Ace" is not only good, but is the clear BEST at one of those things.Those things usually being dancing, singing and rapping. While things like acting, producing, stage presence, and charisma can also come into play, the previously.

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i hope this clarifies things for you all.tags: #kpop #shorts #allrounder #ace feel free to support me if you want to!buy me a coffee: https://www.buymeacoffe.

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An ace is someone who is very strong in all three skills mentioned, and doesn't need to improve a lot. An all rounder is someone who is very strong in 1-2 skills, but can improve in one, but not a lot. For another example: Yeji and Chaeryeong of ITZY. I'll take Yeji as an ace and Chaeryeong as an all rounder.

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All-rounder style bikes tend to be between 500-700 grams over the UCI weight limit of 6.8kg whereas dedicated climbing bikes consistently come in right on the lower weight limit. Secondly, all-rounder bikes are not quite as aero as full-on aero bikes like the Canyon Aeroad or Trek Madone with roughly a 5-10 watt penalty.

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I generally consider there to be 6 aspects: Dance, Vocals, Rap, Variety, Visuals/Style, Songwriting. To be an all rounder you have to be amazing in 3, strong in 4 or 5, or decent in 6. Baekhyun is an "all rounder" because he signs and dances incredibly well, is a fashion influencer, and has a stand out personality. That's strong in 4.


In my mind, an all-rounder is someone who is good across multiple roles. They might be particularly excellent at one thing but they're at least decent in every avenue. Hoshi, Jennie, Soyeon, Stray Kids' Han etc. are all people I'd say are all-rounders because you can put them in any position and they'd be fine and do well. An ace is someone who.

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Many K-Pop idols are multi-talented, and Korean netizens recently shared their favorite all-rounder aces on the online community Nate Pann.. Here's a look at 10 of the K-Pop idols that netizens think have many talents and charms!

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