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The mans hook is caught in the car door. man & girl go out to drive under moonlight. they stop at on at a side of road. he turn to his girl and say: "baby, i love you very much" "what is it honey?""our car is broken down. i think the engine is broken, ill walk and get some more fuel.""ok. ill stay here and look after our stereo. there have been news report of steres being stolen."

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The Hook. The Hook, or the Hookman, [1] is an urban legend about a killer with a pirate -like hook for a hand attacking a couple in a parked car. In many versions of the story, the killer is typically portrayed as a faceless, silhouetted old man wearing a raincoat and rain hat that conceals most of his features, especially his face.

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The Meaning Behind The Song: Man Door Hand Hook Car Door by Octothorpe and the Aglets. The song "Man Door Hand Hook Car Door" by Octothorpe and the Aglets has captured the attention of music enthusiasts all over the world. It is a captivating and enigmatic piece of music that leaves listeners intrigued and curious about its meaning.

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"Man door hand hook car door" first became an online sensation on June 19 th, 2012 in a 4chan thread, followed by a limited circulation of the copypasta.. The first Know Your Meme entry related to the urban legend was created in July 2012. A reading of the story would be uploaded to YouTube by That Guy With a Voice on February 28 th, 2014, which viralized the tale, resulting in a.

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The phrase "man door, hand hook car door" is a popular meme that originated on the image board 4chan. The phrase is typically used to describe someone who is considered to be low-status or unimportant. "Man door, hand hook, car door" is a saying that originates from the trucking industry.

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Every three days in Montreal, a cyclist is hit by an opening car door, according to police statistics. Two years after a cyclist was killed in a dooring incident, Quebec's auto insurance agency.

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Someone on Tumblr wanted me to read this CREeeEEEeepy creepypasta. Voiced by SungWon Cho (me!)You can read along here:http://i.imgur.com/kNa0J3c.png

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After doing more research, I found out that this "story" is actually a "meme" from a website called 4chan. Apparently, the original poster of this story wanted to make a parody of a creepypasta (a website for horror/scary stories, very much a part of internet culture) story, and by doing so created the "man door hand hook car" meme.

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Sometimes you have to adapt true horror into a short film. Dramatic Reading by Mouthalmighty on FivverMan - Hayden JohnsonGirl - Eleanor BishopHand Model - C.

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Pull it back and the door will open. In the Genesis G90, pull the emergency open lever under the door pocket twice to open the door. The Lexus Digital Latch can be overridden by pulling the door.

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The infamous "man door hand hook car door" legend. This is still one of my favourite things in the world. The tears I shed cry-laughing for this all those years ago. The best thing about this is the girl happily going to sleep until the next morning after hearing someone say "LET ME IN". I was so interested in the story as well.

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A hand hook car door is a device used to easily close or open car doors. It is a practical tool designed to provide convenience and comfort while entering or exiting a vehicle. The hand hook car door is attached to the inside of the car door panel and can be easily reached from the driver or passenger seat. By simply grabbing the hook handle.

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Meme Status Confirmed Type: Creepypasta Year 2012 Origin 4chan Tags 4chan, bad, meme, car, man, thread, creepypasta, hand, door, hook Additional References Encyclopedia Dramatica Wikipedia About. Man Door Hand Hook Car Door is a trollpasta based on the urban legend known as "The Hook." The folktale tells the story of a couple on a date in a car hearing a story on the radio about a psychotic.