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A miniature donkey is a small breed of donkey, typically standing at 36-42 inches tall and weighing about 250 pounds. They are often used as companion animals for children or people who cannot care for large livestock. Miniature donkeys require little to no maintenance and can live happily in all climates with proper shelter.

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Miniature donkeys are a specific kind of Mediterranean donkey. As their name suggests, they're much smaller than regular donkeys. To be officially recognized as miniature, the animal has to measure no more than 36 inches and weigh between 200 - 400 pounds. For comparison's sake, a regular donkey measures 36 - 48 inches and weighs around.

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Size. Miniature donkeys typically stand between 32 and 36 inches tall at the withers, which is about one-third the size of a standard donkey. They usually weigh between 250 and 450 pounds, making them ideal for small farms or as pets. Despite their small stature,.

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Facts & Figures. Life Span for Miniature Donkey: 25 - 35+ years Weight: 200 - 350 pounds at maturity Height: Average 32" - 34" at the withers, maximum 36" Gestation: 11-1/2 - 13 months Birth: Single baby, averages 20-30 pounds at birth. Foals are up and nursing within 30 minutes and are weaned between 5-6 months of age.

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There are three varieties of donkeys in the United States: miniature, standard, and mammoth. Miniatures are the smallest donkeys, while mammoths are the biggest.. Donkey Size and Growth Chart. The standard donkey weighs in as an adult at between 200 and 900 pounds and from 31.3 to 63 inches in length. If you're considering adding a donkey.

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Most mini donkey size is 32 to 34 inches tall; however, a mini donkey cannot be more than 36 inches at the withers (the ridge between the shoulder blades) to be considered for registration. A fully-grown miniature donkey should weigh between 200 and 375 pounds (90 and 170 kilograms). We were about to undergo a whole new species on our little.

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The average mini-donkey measures 32-34 inches from hooves to withers. Some are smaller, while others are larger. They can't be taller than 36 inches to be previously recognized as miniature donkeys. They become tiny but regular donkeys at that height (36 inches), and they are measured in hands instead of inches.

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Domestic donkeys come in four sizes. Miniature donkeys are less than nine hands (36 inches) at the withers when fully grown. Standard donkeys are over nine but under 12 hands (36 to 48 inches), large standard donkeys are 12 to 14 hands (48 to 56 inches) and mammoth donkeys are at least 14 hands (over 56 inches). Published on Mar 1, 2007. Need Help?

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Our girls range from 30 to 33 inches tall. Miniature donkeys weigh 250-350 pounds on average. Some can be more petite (our Bean Sprout is closer to 200 lbs) while others can weigh up to 450 pounds. Aaron and our shortest mini, Winnie. She's only about 30 inches to her withers!

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The Donkey Sanctuary does not sell miniature donkeys. It is a big responsibility to care for a donkey, big or small. Rather than buying donkeys, we would encourage you to take a look at our rehoming scheme, giving a donkey a forever home, or if you don't have the space you can support our care of miniature donkeys by adopting a donkey.

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Mini - Facts. 1. Mini donkeys are a type of domesticated donkey that come from Italy and are sometimes referred to as "Sicilian donkeys". 2. These gentle little creatures range in size between 30 and 36 inches tall, weighing anywhere from 200-400 pounds. 3. Mini donkeys have a long life expectancy of 25-30 years. 4.

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Size of Donkey. Donkeys come in a variety of sizes from the Miniature Mediterranean (under 36 inches) to the elegant Mammoth Jackstock (14 hands and up ). The rare French Poitou donkey, characterized by it's huge head and ears, and very thick, shaggy, curled black coat, can stand 14 to 15 hand high.

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Miniature Donkeys have curious, engaging dispositions, and make great pets. A donkey's first instinct when alarmed or confused is to stand still. This cautious approach, frequently mistaken for stubbornness, can be a great asset, especially around children. Donkeys average 34″ high at the withers, with 36″ the maximum height allowed in.

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There are approximately 10,000 of these donkeys in the U.S. today. They have been bred carefully over many generations for size, disposition, and conformation to certain bodily traits. Size is the defining breed trait. An adult miniature donkey cannot measure more than 36 inches tall, measured from the highest point of the withers.

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The Miniature Mediterranean Donkey hails from the Italian islands of Sicily and Sardinia. 1 They made it across the pond in the 1920s. The rest, as they say, is history. 2. The Miniature Donkey Doesn't Fit the Typical Stereotype. Many people think donkeys are stubborn and cranky.

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Donkeys that grow taller than 36 inches at the withers cannot be registered as miniature donkeys. The typical average miniature donkey will measure between 32-34 inches with some even being as small as 26 inches. (Just as a frame of reference, standard donkeys measure between 36-48 inches and mammoth donkeys measure 54 inches and up.)