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At present, there are 409 state electoral districts in Australia. State electoral districts do not apply to the upper house, or legislative council, in those states that have one ( New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia ). In New South Wales and South Australia, MLCs represent the entire state, in Tasmania.

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The electoral system of Australia comprises the laws and processes used for the election of members of the Australian Parliament and is governed primarily by the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918.The system presently has a number of distinctive features including compulsory enrolment; compulsory voting; majority-preferential instant-runoff voting in single-member seats to elect the lower house.

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In August 2017 the electoral commissioner, Tom Rogers, issued the latest population statistics and determined there should be 47 members from New South Wales, 38 Victoria, 30 Queensland, 16.

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Members come from a wide range of backgrounds and reflect the diversity of Australia's population. Members do their job within the Parliament and their electorates. Members are elected to the House of Representatives at least every 3 years. They can stand for re-election as many times as they like. When in the House, members are referred to as:

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Currently, there are 151 electorates in Australia, each with roughly the same number of voters. Each electorate has one representative in the House, so there are 151 members. For the House of Representatives, voters must write a number in the box beside every name on the ballot-paper: '1' for their first preference, '2' for their second.

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The last update of electorate information took place on 01 May 2024. Electorate results below reflect electorates that will be in place at the next federal election. Despite electorate changes, your local member remains the person elected on the electorates in place at the previous federal election or subsequent by-election.

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Queensland 2022 federal election results map [PDF 16.98MB] Western Australia 2022 federal election results map [PDF 30.57MB] South Australia 2022 federal election results map [PDF 5.76MB] Tasmania 2022 federal election results map [PDF 16.55MB] Australian Capital Territory 2022 federal election results map [PDF 895KB]

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Electoral Boundaries for the Federal Election in 2022, by the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC). The Digital Atlas of Australia is an online geospatial platform that brings together, curates and connects trusted data from across government. Electoral Boundaries for the Federal Election in 2022, by the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC)..

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Information about electorates (electoral divisions) The AEC acknowledges the Traditional Owners of country throughout Australia and recognises their continuing connection to land, waters, culture and community.

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532,755. Size of the electoral roll and enrolment rate as at 30 June 2022. State/Territory. Electors enrolled. Estimated Eligible Population (b) Enrolment rate. Estimated not enrolled. NSW. 5,480,943.

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Australia has voted No in the referendum, but the vote hasn't been uniform across states and cities. A small number of electorates, mainly in inner cities, are projected to have voted Yes.

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Australian Labor Party; Opposition - 55 members. Liberal Party of Australia; The Nationals; Country Liberal Party; Independents - 12 members Minor parties - 6 members. Australian Greens (4) Centre Alliance (1) Katter's Australian Party (1) As at 18 April 2024

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Map of the 151 electoral divisions to the House of Representatives (blank) in use for the 2022 election. The voting population of each Australian electoral division, as of the 2022 election.. Electorates (also known as electoral divisions or seats) of the Australian House of Representatives are single member electoral districts for the lower house of the Parliament of the Commonwealth.

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One year after a new parliament first meets, the AEC uses the latest population statistics to determine how many electorates each state and territory is entitled to. The entitlement determination in 2017 resulted in an increase in the number of electorates from 150 to 151 at the 2019 general election (with the ACT gaining the new seat).