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He's been cast in every movie Ben Affleck has directed, and Titus Welliver, 56, has been on TV in Lost, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and The Good Wife. But he's best

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Oct 13, 2023. No TV character could be more of an Angeleno than Harry Bosch: born and raised in the foster care system in the City of Angels; a member of the L.A.P.D. who rises to the rank of.

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Last week Amazon premiered the seventh and final season of its longest-running show, Bosch, the hit detective series starring Lost and Deadwood alum Titus Welliver.But it's not a good-bye to the.

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I've done all 3 of Ben Affleck's films, Gone Baby Gone, The Town, and Argo, as well as played Jimmy O. on Sons of Anarchy. For those who were really instrumental in my new series BOSCH on Amazon Prime being picked up, I want to thank you, because we shot a pilot for Amazon Prime, it was then made available for people to screen on Amazon Prime for free, then people watched it, rated it, and.

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Titus Welliver, the actor who has played the gruff Los Angeles cop-turned-private eye for nearly a decade, has a number of Bosch-like qualities when you meet him: piercing eyes, a seen-some-shit.

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10 THINGS with Titus Welliver. RM: You're that guy that seems to be in every film and TV show. Your longevity in the business and the resume to go along with it, is quite impressive. How have you been able to maintain a high level of relevancy in an industry that often changes?

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Titus Welliver is best known for his portrayals of the Man in Black on Lost, Silas Adams on Deadwood, Jimmy O'Phelan on Sons of Anarchy and the title role in Bosch, the police procedural series produced by Amazon Studios.Other TV appearances include The X-Files, NYPD Blue, Brooklyn South, Star Trek: Voyager, The Good Wife, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Last Ship and Chicago P.D.

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As long as Harry Bosch keeps nabbing the bad guys, Titus Welliver will continue hitting the heavy bag. Welliver has plenty of pop in his punch, even if wear-and-tear may have slowed some of the spring in his step. Boxing drills make up part of Welliver's re-focus on year-round fitness, not just on a needed or per-role basis, as he says he's.

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Titus Welliver stars in the police drama series, Bosch, produced by Amazon Studios.The show centers around Harry Bosch, a veteran homicide detective in Los Angeles, and is based on the bestselling novels by Michael Connelly.

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The cast and producers of the Amazon Prime series Bosch, including star Titus Welliver, look back over seven seasons of the beloved detective drama. Everybody counts or nobody counts.

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Is Titus Welliver A Nice Guy The entertainment industry has always been a realm of mystery, where public personas often gleam with a polished veneer that distracts from the intrinsic reality. Behind every character we love to hate or hate to love, there's a human being pulsating with life, layered with experiences that shape their […]

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Although the series has been canceled, we certainly haven't seen the last of Titus yet. Keep reading for 10 things you didn't know about Titus Welliver. 1. He Originally Wanted To Be A Painter.

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NBC's Good Girls utilized faux tattoos for cartel member Rio (Manny Montana) but all that ink on Welliver is real.The star has more than 30 pieces of art on his body with his latest in early.

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When we talked to actor Titus Welliver for the October 2021 issue of Down East, the 59-year-old actor only had a little to say about his film and TV work, which includes roles in shows like Lost and Deadwood and, most recently, as the titular detective on Amazon Prime Video's Bosch.Instead, Welliver seemed delighted to tell tales from the childhood summers he spent in and around Lincolnville.

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Titus B. Welliver (born March 12, 1962) is an American actor. He is best known for his portrayals of the Man in Black in Lost, Silas Adams in Deadwood, Jimmy O'Phelan in Sons of Anarchy, and the title role in the television series Bosch and Bosch: Legacy. He is also known for his collaborations with Ben Affleck, starring in his films Gone Baby Gone (2007), The Town (2010), Argo (2012), and.

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There may be a nice pocket of you out there who recognize Titus Welliver, but I'm willing to bet that at least 90% of you didn't know his real name. I bring up Welliver because the Amazon show.