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Martin Cash (1808-1877), convict and bushranger. Image credit: Wikimedia. From one moral extreme to another, 'Gentleman Bushranger' Martin Cash was easily one of Australia's most considerate criminals. Cash was originally sent to Sydney from Ireland in 1827 for shooting a rival suitor in the buttocks.

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The Australian outback has a reputation for being a wild and lawless place, with untamed landscapes and harsh living conditions. But what made the outback even more notorious in the 19th century were the bushrangers - bandits who terrorized the region and became infamous for their daring heists, horseback escapes, and violent clashes with the authorities.

Famous bushrangers that terrorised Australia

Unless they were women, then they have no place in history at all. Meet Jessie Hickman, the country's most formidable—and forgotten—female outlaw. by Emma Nobel. January 5, 2017, 8:05am. Snap.


William Strutt's Bushrangers on the St Kilda Road, painted in 1887, depicts what Strutt described as "one of the most daring robberies attempted in Victoria" in 1852. The road was the scene of frequent hold-ups during the Victorian gold rush by bushrangers, mostly former convicts from Van Diemen's Land (present-day Tasmania), which collectively became known as the St Kilda Road robberies.

Ned Kelly and the Kelly Gang Famous Australian Bushrangers

Explore Australia's complicated relationship with bushrangers, and learn how bushranging changed across more than 100 years of history. Meet some of Australia's most notorious bushrangers.

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Unlike many bushrangers, he detested unnecessary violence and mainly targeted rich settlers, earning him the reputation of a "gentleman bushranger." Things went sideways thanks to another woman, says the Australian Dictionary of Biography. Her name was Bessie Clifford, and when she left him for another man, he decided killing the new suitor.

Famous bushrangers that terrorised Australia

Bold Jack Donahue (1820s) and Ben Hall and Patrick Daley (1860s) are the most notorious but Jessie Hickman (1910) was infamous in her day as The Lady Bushranger. Donahue's gang was known as The.

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Ned Kelly (1854-1880) and the Kelly Gang. Ned Kelly is one of the most notorious bushrangers in Australia. His Kelly Gang included his younger brother Dan as well as Steve Hart and Joe Byrne. The exploits of the gang included murdering police officer Sergeant Michael Kennedy, and Constables Thomas Lonigan, and Michael Scanlan.

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The gold rush era of the 1850s and 1860s brought more well-known bushrangers, including Ben Hall, Frank Gardiner, Captain Thunderbolt and John Gilbert. The Felons Apprehension Act 1865 (NSW) allowed for anyone to shoot a bushranger on sight and signals the beginning of the end of the bushrangers era, which draws to a close with Ned Kelly's.

Famous bushrangers that terrorised Australia

The bushrangers included John Gilbert, John O'Meally, Michael Burke, John Dunn, and others. Not all of these men were of Irish descent, but all lived in and ranged over remote and isolated country that had been settled in the 1840s and 50s, often by Irish immigrants and ex-convicts.

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The Australian gold rush era of the mid 19th century, in particular, saw the notoriety of bushrangers skyrocket. Here are 5 of Australia's most infamous bushrangers. Daniel Morgan (1830-1865) Later dubbed 'Mad Dog', Daniel Morgan has a reputation for being one of Australia's most bloodthirsty bushrangers.

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Timeline. The history of bushranging can be fairly accurately distinguished into eras based on various relevant factors including the modus operandi and societal factors. Below you can see a breakdown of what constitutes the different eras with examples of the bushrangers that operated within them. This era is defined by the way that convict.

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The hidden history of Australia's other bushrangers. 9781742237527 / November 2022 / Paperback / 240pp / 234x153mm / RRP $34.99. Bushrangers are Australian legends. Ned Kelly, Ben Hall, Captain Thunderbolt and their bushranging brothers are famous. They're remembered as folk heroes and celebrated for their bravery and their ridicule of inept.

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There are details of 25 bushrangers and 192 other persons who had some connection with bushrangers, either as victims, captors, or legislators and judiciary, in the ADB 's biographical corpus of the lives of over 12,000 'significant and representative' persons in Australian history'. This essay examines the lives of the ADB's 25.

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An explanation of the weapons used during the three principal phases of the war against bushrangers on the Australian frontier. The first generation of bushrangers were convict escapers, known as convict bolters. The firearm used during this time (from the late 1780's to the end of the transportation period in the 1840's and 50's) was the.

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The majority of Australia's first bushrangers were convicts who escaped harsh punishment working in chain gangs or penal stations. When these convicts escaped, they had to find a way to survive in.