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Nepali Calendar Date Converter : The Nepali date converter converts the Nepali Bikram Sambat date into English AD date and also from English AD date to Nepali Bikram Sambat date with day and tithi. You can also embed the Nepali Date Conversion tool into your website by coping the code we provide from our utilities page.

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Use this free online tool to convert AD to BS (english to nepali date), or convert BS to AD (nepali date to english) date and time. Open Menu. Home Dashain 2080 Tihar 2080 New Year 2080 Date Converter. Close Menu. Nepali Calendar. Nepali Calendar (Nepali Patro) showing dates, tithis, important events, festivals in Nepal. Nepali Calendar for.

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Nepali to English date Converter. राजन नेपालको मिति रुपान्तरक । Helpful during Green Card Visa Lottery application. It is being used by applicants of Green Card Visa Lottery (E-DV Visa), green card, Australia USA college/university admissions, and Visa for jobs and immigration abroad.


Ashesh Ashesh. Nepali Date Converter Convert Nepali Bikram Sambat date to English Date A.D. Nepali Unicode Type in Romanized nepali unicode. Nepali Calendar Nepali Calendar with english date.

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Go to the Date Converter. Use the left side of the tool to select the year, month, and day of the BS date you want to convert. After you have selected the date, click the "convert" button. The tool will then calculate and display the corresponding AD date. To convert English date into Nepali [AD to BS] you can follow the same steps as above.

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The Nepali Date to English Converter Online Tool is designed for simplicity and accuracy, facilitating an intuitive user experience. Users begin by entering a date in the Nepali (Bikram Sambat) calendar format. The tool then processes this input, utilizing sophisticated algorithms to calculate the equivalent date in the Gregorian (English.

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Nepali to English Date Converter. English to Nepali date converter. preeti to Unicode Nepali Converter. Easily convert dates between the Nepali Bikram Sambat calendar and the English Gregorian calendar with our convenient online date converter. Whether you're scheduling appointments, planning events, or tracking historical dates, our tool provides accurate and reliable conversion to meet your.

Nepali Date of Birth Convert To EnglishHow to Convert Nepali Date into English Date YouTube

Our Nepali to English Date of Birth Converter bridges this gap seamlessly. Designed specifically to handle the intricacies of the Nepali calendar system, our tool translates your unique birth date from the Bikram Sambat (BS) calendar to the widely used Gregorian (AD) calendar. With this converter, you can ensure that your date of birth is.

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I can assist you in converting dates between the English (Gregorian) and Nepali (Bikram Sambat) calendars. You can use the formula below to translate a Nepali date into an English date: EnglishYear (for Bikram Sambat years following 2000) equals NepaliYear minus 57. EnglishMonth = NepaliMonth - 8 (If the resulting month is less than 1, add 12.

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The Nepali to English Date Converter, also known as the BS to AD Date Converter, helps change dates from the Nepali calendar (BS) to the English calendar (AD). This tool makes it easy to switch between these two different date systems, which is helpful for things like planning trips, official paperwork, and talking to people who use the English calendar.

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This Nepali date converter is a really useful tool. Helps you switch between English dates and Nepali Bikram Sambat dates. Many Nepalis use it, especially when traveling to other countries for study purposes or when applying for a visa. This converter is popular not only in Nepal but also in countries like India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Sri.

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This BA to AD Date Conveter and AD to BS date converter converts the Nepali Date (Bikram Sambat) from BS 2000 - 2089 and English Date (AD) from 1944 - 2022. Why Date Converter is Needed? Nepali Date Converter is needed when you have to convert you birth date or other special date from Nepali to English or English to Nepali.

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This Nepali date converter is a tool that helps convert dates between the Nepali calendar (Bikram Sambat or B.S.) and the Gregorian calendar. The Bikram Sambat calendar is the official calendar of Nepal, and it is around 56.7 years ahead of the Gregorian calendar. In Nepal, people often use both the Nepali and Gregorian calendars in their daily.

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The Nepali Date Converter, also known as the Miti Pariwartan tool, allows for the seamless conversion between Nepali (Bikram Sambat, BS) dates and English (Gregorian, AD) dates. With the ability to convert Nepali dates ranging from 1978 BS to 2099 BS and English dates ranging from 1921 AD to 2040 AD, this tool proves to be invaluable for.

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Nepali Date to English Date: Subtract - 56 Years - 8 Months - 17 Days. English Date to Nepali: Add - 56 Years - 8 Months - 17 Days. Nepali Calendar does not have constant month days as English date has. It keeps on changing due to which we can not create a fixed algorithm and find with certainity what date or month it would be in the English date.

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It is a date converter between Bikram sambat B.S and Gregorian calendar (Anno Domini) (A.D). Current version of nepali date converter is v5.8. Now Bikram Sambat Nepali Date Converter (Version 5.8) can convert dates from 1658B.S - 2100B.S and from English Date 1602A.D - 2044A.D. Nepali Date Converter is functioning almost around 12 years, in.