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The 2017 Nissan X-Trail gets a new look and new driver assistance technologies to maintain its appeal amongst growing families. What we love. Comfortable, spacious cabin. Improved interior trims.

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It's nice to see a bit more variation on the usual dark greys and muted colours. First Impressions. The X-Trail is a good-looking SUV, and the Ruby Red really suits it. With some chrome highlights here and there, the odd bit of grey plastic, and those two-tone 19" alloys it looks smart but not too big or boxy.

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Nissan's X-Trail has been a popular choice in the seven-seat SUV sector, with 110,000 sold in Europe since its 2014 launch. But owners have reportedly been craving a more powerful engine option.

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Introduction. The post-2017-era facelifted version of Nissan's third generation X-Trail matured very nicely as a family-sized SUV that sat just above the brand's popular Qashqai in the company's line-up and borrowed much of its technology from that best-selling car. X-Trail buyers though, get significantly more space, with the option of seven.

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The X-Trail rides with more bounce and hop, especially on the bigger rims (up to 19 inches in diameter) and there's more engine noise from the 1.6 dCi too. Reflecting a modest extra bit of soft.

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Our review of the 2017 Nissan X-Trail facelift, 2 wheel drive SUV. The Planetauto team take to the Lake District to test the practicality, functionality and.

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Nissan X-Trail Ti 2017 review: snapshot; Nissan X-Trail ST 2WD 7 seat 2017 review; Nissan X-Trail Ti 2017 review; Pricing & Specs. Insurance Quote. How practical is the space inside? 7/10 Nissan refers to its X-Trail as the "Swiss-army knife of our range - the one-size-fits-all, family proof car", and so expect a useable, versatile cabin.

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In response to early criticism about the downsized 1.6-litre diesel engine not being powerful enough, Nissan brought out a larger 2.0-litre diesel in late 2016. An X-Trail with this engine will.

2017 Nissan XTrail review CarAdvice

The Nissan X-Trail range is backed by a five-year, unlimited-kilometre warranty. Nissan offers six years of capped-price servicing, with the first six services capped at $359, $466, $529, $566, $404 and $693 - or $3017 in total.

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To give it credit, the X-Trail does show off a lot of grip and doesn't roll as much as a car of this size might, but the steering offers little feedback and the chassis is inert, robbing the experience of any flavour. Recommended engine: 2.0 dCi 177 4WD. 0-62 MPH. 9.4 seconds. Fuel economy. 48.7-50.4 mpg. Emissions.

2017 Nissan XTrail review Practical and good value

The Qashqai has been Nissan's bread-winner in the SUV sector since it launched in 2009, but the X-Trail has also proven an undisputed success for the brand. Last year, more than 19,000 units.

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2017 Nissan X-Trail review Nissan is meeting the challenge of the redesigned Mazda CX-5 with the facelifted X-Trail, with a range of cosmetic updates, AEB across the range, a bigger diesel with AWD auto, and more standard features.. Model: Nissan X-Trail ST-L 2WD Engine: 2488cc 4-cyl, dohc, 16v Max power: 126kW @ 6000rpm Max torque: 226Nm.

2017 Nissan XTrail 2.0d Tekna 4WD review review Autocar

Inside story: the X-Trail's interior is clear, clean and easy to use. Photograph: David Shepherd. The X-Trail was launched in 2000 in Japan. It's predecessor was the Nissan Rasheen, a name.

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2017 Infiniti QX30 AWD. Share full article. Video. transcript. Back. 0:00/5:15. It is a result of the partnership that Daimler (you know, the Mercedes-Benz people) formed with Renault-Nissan in.

2017 Nissan XTrail review Practical and good value

Bingo. That means the same sizable cabin, the same well-built but ultimately unexciting interior design, the same crossover SUV exterior styling and the same level of safety gadgets such as autonomous emergency braking. The new 2.0-litre dCi 177 offers 175bhp and 380Nm of torque ─ an increase of 60Nm on the 1.6 dCi but a 20Nm deficit on the.

2017 Nissan XTrail review CarAdvice

Andrew Chesterton road tests and reviews the Nissan X-Trail with specs, fuel consumption and verdict at its Australian launch.Read Andrew's full review here:.