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The Gaol's first cellblock was opened in 1845. Gold was discovered in 1851 and in the next four years Melbourne's population increased from 23,000 to nearly 90,000. Overcrowding soon became a huge problem for the Gaol, with the Argus newspaper complaining in 1853 that the old cellblock was "literally crammed to suffocation".

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Experience the spine-chilling history of Old Melbourne Gaol with our exclusive ticket. Explore the eerie corridors, visit the infamous Cell 17, and uncover the secrets of this haunted Australian attraction. Book your Old Melbourne Gaol ticket now and embark on a thrilling journey into the past.

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When the Old Melbourne Gaol was built in the mid-1800s, it dominated the Melbourne skyline as a symbol of authority. Inside the Gaol, dangerous criminals were held alongside petty offenders, the homeless and the mentally ill. Between 1842 and its closure in 1929 the gaol was the scene of 133 hangings including Australia's most infamous.

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Cell 17. Cell 17 in the Old Melbourne Gaol is one of the original cells and a particularly eerie place. The cell is said to be haunted by the spirit of an inmate who was wrongly convicted and executed for a crime he did not commit. Visitors to the cell have reported feeling a sense of foreboding, as well as seeing strange shadows and hearing.

Old Melbourne Gaol Review Victoria’s Most Iconic Prison LesterLost

The Old Melbourne Gaol was erected in stages between 1841 and 1864 by the Public Works Department. The oldest remaining section now serves as a museum and consists of a long block (1851-53) with three tiers of cells terminating in the Central Hall (1860), the site of the scaffold.. The well preserved cell block gives a gruesome picture of.

Old Melbourne Gaol Review Victoria’s Most Iconic Prison LesterLost

357. Old Melbourne Gaol Mertie on Flickr (Creative Commons) Built in 1839, the Old Melbourne Gaol once loomed over the city, taking in any and all comers from lazy children to murderous vigilantes.

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Old Melbourne Gaol - Cell 17 When I was at school in the late '70s and early '80s, the most popular school excursion was a trip to the old State Museum of Victoria, no doubt because of its free entry. I liked the old museum, mainly because of the old fashioned grandeur of some of the VIctorian exhibition rooms. There and was also something.

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The Old Melbourne Gaol is a vivid and stark reminder of the 19th Century prison life. Only one cell block remains of the original complex, built approximately 150 years ago. The gaol opened in 1845 and closed in 1929, and was the site of 135 executions, including the infamous Ned Kelly. Since closing in 1929 the Gaol has been used as a police storage facility and military

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Step inside Cell 17, Old Melbourne Gaol's most haunted prison cell. If you're up for it, join our night tour 'Ghosts! What ghosts!?' and explore the

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Old Melbourne Gaol. Add to favourites. 377 Russell Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000. + 2 photos. Visit Old Melbourne Gaol, Melbourne's oldest and most feared prison since 1845. Now operated by the National Trust discover where some of Australia's most infamous characters, including bushranger Ned Kelly and gangster Squizzy Taylor, spent.

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Cell number 17, the most haunted cell inside the Old Melbourne Gaol. Visiting the Old Melbourne Gaol. The Old Melbourne Gaol is one of the most visited attractions in the city. The jail can be entered after purchasing a ticket either online or at the gate. Visitors can explore at their own leisure as the tour is self-guided.

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Old Melbourne Gaol 377 Russell Street between Victoria & La Trobe St Melbourne Victoria 3000. $35 Adult $30 Concession $22 Child (5 - 15 years) $85 Family (2A + 2C) National Trust Members receive free general admission. Visit. Melbourne's most haunting and spell binding venue. Hire.

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Old Melbourne Gaol was filling up, so, less than 10 kilometres from the city in Melbourne's north, Pentridge prison was established in 1851. The first inmates built their own prison walls with.

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Old Melbourne Gaol Cell At that time, the prison occupied an entire city block, with exercise yards, a hospital, a chapel, a bath house and staff accommodation. There was a house for the chief warders and their families and up to 17 houses for gaolers were built on Swanston Street in 1860.

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For almost 80 years, the Melbourne Gaol was a place of punishment and execution, where men, women and children were incarcerated for crimes ranging from murder to vagrancy. A visit to the Old Melbourne Gaol will introduce you to stories of the many inmates who spent time in its cells, including those incarcerated for minor misdemeanours who.

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Step inside Cell 17, Old Melbourne Gaol's most haunted prison cell. Old Melbourne Gaol's dark past has led to rumours of ghosts - especially inside of the sinister Cell 17. Written by