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Make your artwork look as light as air with this simple method for painting clouds in acrylics! You can use this technique to create clouds of every color, s.

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Cloud Pour Step by Step. Lay down a thin coat of background paint. I used a thin coat of white paint. Layer your pouring cup with your different colors of paint as you would with a tree ring pour, pouring slowly down the side of the cup so that you have discrete layers of color (The order in which I layered my cup was copper, gold, magenta.

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Press lighter for less fluffy clouds. 3. Paint smaller, string-like clouds. Take a small fan brush and get paint on just the tips. decide where you want these clouds to go. Think about the line clouds during a sunset and use that as your guide. Using back and fourth motions, make lines all around the area you chose. 4.

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Hi everyone, thanks for watching this video on how to paint clouds! In this step by step tutorial, I'll teach you 3 easy steps for building up realistic loo.

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Reload the sponge with white. Come down to the lower edge where the paint is more transparent. Start painting on the second layer of white. Note how you can still see where the darker area of the cloud shows through. Add a touch more white to the top of the layers to highlight where the light may be touching the clouds.

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VIDEO DESCRIPTION - Want to learn how to paint with acrylics? Want to learn how to paint clouds with acrylics? Want to learn how to paint with acrylics on ca.

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Sponge. Next up, painting clouds using a sponge - it's a fun and unique technique! Grab a dry sponge for this and add just a small amount of paint to the sponge to avoid blobbing it on your canvas. Now, start dabbing the paint on in a bouncing motion, making sure not to squeeze the sponge too hard.

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You could paint in the clouds first (positive space) and then fill in the gaps with color (negative space); or. You could start with the blue sky (negative space) and then fill in the clouds (positive space). Most aspiring artists ignore option 2-they focus on painting things rather than the area between things.

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Step 4. For this painting, I imagine sunlight coming from the top left. This helps me place the highlights in the right place. I use a small brush with white to add a light area on the top of each small cloud. I love how this makes each cloud stand out. Throughout this process, don't forget that the closer the cloud is to the viewer, the.

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Alternatively, you can have the clouds be the whole painting. 4. Brush the white on in light strokes. In gentle curving motions, brush the white onto the canvas. Keep the pressure light. 5. Expand the edges. Push the edges of the cloud out with your brush. Try to create the edges when you're running out of paint.

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Learn to paint amazing clouds with acrylics. This beginner's guide breaks down complex techniques into easy steps. From preparing materials to adding finishing touches, start your artistic journey now.. Painting clouds with acrylics can be a fun and satisfying project, especially for beginners. With a bit of practice and experimentation with.

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Go down to almost the bottom of the canvas. Then mix about 1 part quinacridone magenta to 3 parts titanium white. Paint the pink on the bottom of the canvas. Paint left and right strokes then go up into the light area. Add more titanium white if needed to help blend the pink area to the light blue-purple area. 2.

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Start by combining large amounts of red, blue, and bit of grey. This mixture will work for the darker values of the sky and clouds. On the edge of this mixture, mix in some orange and white. The goal is to have similar colors, but in different values. Next, let's mix our highlights.

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As a finishing touch to the cloud, mix some white with a tiny amount of your pink paint and put a couple of dabs of it here and there on your clouds. I added just a tiny hint of it so its very subtle. This is the color of the pink sky reflecting subtly in the clouds. Repeat step 5-9 with the remainder of your clouds.

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Painting Clouds are really fun! In this tutorial, I give you a step by step, instruction on how to paint different types of clouds and my best painting tips.

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Get a sense of light in your cloud painting from the beginning. Mix a lighter white to put next to the 'darker' white of your cloud as seen in the images above. As before, start with some white and mix in a small amount of ultramarine blue. Then add some orange - but mix in a tiny bit more orange than before.