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This Custom 22 looks posh and sounds it too. The Dragon II has quite a classic, refined output that harks back to a smooth jazz tone when played clean: bell-like and rich. Show it the front end of an old Marshall JCM800 or a juicy Cornford Harlequin and there's enough drive for classic seventies-era crunch or higher gain shred.

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The PRS SE Custom 22 adds a more vintage tone and feel to the traditional Custom platform. This guitar has a pronounced mid-range and clarity that provides a sweet, full tonal base, allowing it to easily sit in the mix of your band or recording. Like its 24-fret brother, the SE Custom 22 sports a maple top with mahogany back and 25" scale length.

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Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 W/ Artists Package Blue Flame 10 Top 2002 Model Year. Used - Very Good. Cumberland, RI, United States. $3,500. $201 price drop. $3,299. Add to Cart. Price Drop. PRS Custom 22 20th Anniversary Artist Package 2005.

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PRS Custom 22 Stoptail 10-Top 1999 Dark Cherry Sunburst with case and Phase II Tuners. Used - Good. Poole, United Kingdom. Originally £2,099, now £1,649 (22% price drop) £2,099. 22% price drop.

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The Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 Semi-hollow electric guitar sets itself apart from PRS's other Custom-series instruments with its thinline construction. By using this popular construction technique, PRS has created an instrument that sings with the sustain and feedback-resistant nature of a solidbody, while imbuing its tone with extra air and sweetness.

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The Custom 22 is Paul Reed Smith's "workhorse" guitar, with a gigantic range of tones from the 5-way blade switch across dual humbuckers, pinpoint-accurate tremolo system, and stunning maple tops. These 10-Top models have three dimensional flame and quilt that will turn heads while pleasing the e.

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This is my review of the PRS Custom 22 10 top electric guitar from Paul Reed Smith. This PRS Custom 22 does not have any push-pull pots or coil-tap modes so.

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The biggest news on the 2017 Custom 22 is the addition of Paul Reed Smith's 85/15 humbucker set. Based on his 1985 Standard Treble and Bass pickups, these units are wired through a master volume, master tone and a three-way switch.

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As a custom guitar maker, Paul Reed Smith's pre-factory career produced a smattering of electric 12s. "I made my first 12-string in about 1977," remembers Smith.. Outwardly the Custom 22/12 is simply a 12-string version of the Custom 22, but closer inspection perhaps reveals the reason why it took so long to ship.

2001 PRS Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 Emerald Green Guitar Chimp

The Custom 24 is the quintessential PRS guitar. This iconic instrument was the first model that Paul Reed Smith brought to the public at PRS Guitars' first Winter NAMM show in 1985 and has been a top seller ever since. Played by internationally touring artists, gigging musicians, and aspiring players, the Custom 24 features PRS's patented.

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PRS S2 guitars are built in the USA and offer amazing playability and features at a mid-level price point. PRS Core level guitars include the venerable Custom 22 and Custom 24 models, the McCarty and McCarty 594, Hollowbody I and II, 408, 509, Mark Tremonti Signature, and Paul's Guitar. The Core models each come with a bevy of finishes to.

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PRS SE Custom 22 2005 - 2009. Initially released as the 22-fret SE Custom in 2005, the model was renamed the SE Custom 22 with the introduction of the SE Custom 24 in 2009. Feature a mahogany body and neck, maple top with flame maple veneer, rosewood fretboard, and 25" scale length. Models were available with a stoptail or tremolo tailpiece.

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Resonance and Grace. The PRS SE Custom 22 Semi-Hollow has musical midrange and outstanding resonance. The semi-hollow body provides an airy, sweet tone but with a twist of the tone knob, the dual humbuckers can get plenty of bright spank. Additional appointments include a maple top, mahogany back and neck, rosewood fretboard, and dual 85/15.

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Paul Reed Smith (born February 18, 1956) graduated from Bowie High School in 1974. a noticeable tonal improvement which led the company to use the same characteristics in later models such as the PRS Custom 22. The Dragon 2 was released in 1993, and the Dragon 3 in 1994. Both featured dragon inlays which became more extreme with every year.

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The PRS Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 is a classic workhorse with all the tones you've come to expect from your PRS with a distinctive midrange and clarity thanks, in part, to its 85/15 pickups. These pickups are wired for a 5-way blade switch, which offers a dual humbucker option (see switching positions below)..