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The shot is a smooth sphere, free of indentations. Usually they are made of brass, stainless steel or iron, but shot used indoors may be a sphere of synthetic material filled with weights. 95-110 mm. For indoor meets, the NCAA permits shot as large as 130 mm. 110-130 mm.

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ATHLETICS. Measurements and weights provided below are in association with Athletics Australia's 2023-2024 Australian Championship Entry Standards and Little Athletics' Standard Rules for Competition in Australia 2023-2024.Little Athletics Australia has determined a list of Standard Event Specifications for the Under 9 to Under 15 age groups as well as a recommended list of Standard Events.

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We have brought it down into tables for shot put weights, discus weights, hammer throw weights & javelin weights.. So here is all the information you need for deciding what weight shot put is right for you for your age category: Age Category: Min. Weight: Diameter Min. Diameter Max. U13 Boys: 3Kg: 90mm: 105mm: U15 Boys: 4Kg: 95mm: 110mm: U17.

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Track and Field Throwing Implement Weight Requirements Rules. TrustScore 4.7. 2,758 reviews. Size and weight chart for different age groups. This includes shot put, discus, hammer, javelin, and weight.

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This may explain why the age of peak shot put performance for the elite women's group was younger (25 years of age), when compared with the men (26 years of age).. The weight of the women's hammer is only 4kg, compared to 7.26kg for the men, and the ball path from the start of the throw to delivery can be in excess of 60 meters (5.

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The shot, a metal ball (7.26kg/16lb for men, 4kg/8.8lb for women), is put - not thrown - with one hand. The aim is to put it as far as possible from a seven-foot diameter (2.135m) circle that has a curved 10-centimetre high toe-board at the front. In order for the put to be measured, the shot must not drop below the line of the athlete's.

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Of course you can throw a heavier weight than your age minimum if you want to! For competitions up to UK national standard, all discus should also comply with the UKA rules on the diameter and depth of the discus.. Shot Put Weights for Female Athletes. Age Category. Weight. Diameter Range. U13. 2.72kg. 85 - 110 mm. U15. 3kg. 85 - 110 mm.

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Firstly, here are the rules and regulations for Shot Put sizing per age group and weight. Throwing a Small Shot (Implement) The most common issue in the throwing community is seeing young athletes using implements that are clearly too small for them.

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For women's shot put, the record is 22.63m, which was broken in 1987 by Natalya Lisovskaya. Shot putters come in all sizes and shapes. Eight-year-old girls and 80-year-old men can participate in the shot put, but they won't all throw the same weight. Based on an athlete's sex and age, the rules for U.S. competition allow eight weights of shots.

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A common weight for middle school shot put is 8 pounds for boys and 6 pounds for girls, but this is NOT always the case. Check with your school or your state's association to verify. High school girls and college women's shot puts use the same ball weight. High school boys use a 12 pound shot put. College men use the 16 pound ball.

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Shot Put men Share Tweet Email Filter All Time Top Lists. Best by Athlete All Filter All Time Top Lists. > >> Limit: 18.50. Rank Mark WIND Competitor DOB.

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Shot Put Discus Javelin Hammer USATF OFFICIALS BEST PRACTICES . Title: Copy of Throws-Implement-Specs-Feb2014.xls Created Date: 20140618193842Z.

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WEIGHTS FOR EACH AGE GROUP, GENDER AND CLASSIFICATION DIAMETERS Measurement required to check against (D4) Min: (D3) - 2.5mm Max: 90% of (D0) Max: (D0) +8mm Min:. Men Hammer Shot Put Discus Javelin 35-49 7.26kg 7.26kg 2kg 800grm 50-59 6kg 6kg 1.5kg 700grm 60-69 5kg 5kg 1kg 600grm 70-79 4kg 4kg 1kg 500grm 80+ 3kg 1kg 400grm Red Blue Green

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Cast Iron Shot Put Sizes Available: 4 lb., 5 lb., 6 lb. 8 lb. used in many Junior High Schools (but check your own local rules - there are no hard and fast rules for middle school or junior high school throwers) 10 lb. 12 lb. for High School Boys ; 14 lb. 16 lb. for Men up to age 49 ; 18 lb. 2k for women over 75 ; 3kg for Women 50-74 and Men 80+

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Event/Age 30-34 35-39 40-44 45-49 50-54 55-59 60-64 65-69 70-74 75-79 80-84 85-89 90-94 95-99+ Shot 7.260 kg 6 kg 5 kg 4 kg 3 kg Discus 2 kg 1.5 kg 1 kg Javelin 800 g 700 g 600 g 500 g 400 g Hammer 7.260 kg 6 kg 5 kg 4 kg 3 kg Weight 35 lb 25 lb 20 lb 16 lb 12 lb Superweight 56 lb 20 kg 35 lb 25 lb Ultraweight 98 lb, 200 lb, 300 lb 56, 98, 200.

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The shot put is a track and field event involving "putting" (throwing) a heavy spherical ball —the shot —as far as possible. For men, the sport has been a part of the modern Olympics since their revival (1896), and women's competition began in 1948 . Demonstration of the spin technique in shot put.