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In the phrase "son of a gun," the word "gun" is a metonym for a soldier. The term originates from the British Navy in the early 19th century. At that time, the Navy allowed women to live on ships. Inevitably, this led to the births of children with uncertain paternity. These births were recorded in the ship's log as "son of a gun."

Son of a Gun Meaning 1. Son of a GunMeaning A person, usually one who is behaving badly. 2

Origin. The phrase is an exclamatory noun which can be used as a compliment or to encourage someone. It has been used as a slang to refer to someone since the 1800's and probably originated from the mafia world where a son of a gun could literally mean the boss's offspring. The noun is still in use to refer to someone who is an ally.

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Definition of son of a gun noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more.. See son of a gun in the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary. Check pronunciation: son of a gun. Nearby words. sonny noun; son of a.

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son of a gun 1. A mean or unpleasant man. Julie's ex-husband was such a mean son of a gun, it's no wonder she divorced him. 2. An emphatic expression of affection for a man one considers daring, mischievous, or tough. That son of a gun really pulled through for us when we needed him! 3. An inanimate object that is problematic. My car broke down, and I.

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A ' son of a gun ' can simply refer to a person. Sometimes this phrase might describe a person who is behaving poorly. Example: I travelled to Texas to visit my grandpa; it's been years since I last spoke to him. The moment he saw me, he stretched out his arms and said: "You son of a gun, get over here and give your grandpa a hug!".

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The phrase 'son of a gun' originated in the British Royal Navy during the 1800s, when Naval officers were allowed to have their wives accompany them to sea, and babies born aboard ship were delivered in the spaces between the broadside guns. The term applied to boys born at sea and was slightly contemptuous. See more phrases.

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son of a gun. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English ˌson of a ˈgun noun [ singular] American English spoken 1 a man you like or admire - used humorously Duke, you old son of a gun, how are you? 2 a man that you are annoyed with Somebody go tell that son of a gun we're all waiting here. 3 an object that is difficult to deal with.

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Son of a gun definition, a rogue; rascal; scoundrel: That son of a gun still owes me $20. See more.

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The meaning of SON OF A GUN is —usually used as a mild or euphemistic alternative to son of a bitch—sometimes used interjectionally to express surprise or disappointment. How to use son of a gun in a sentence.

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SON OF A GUN definition: 1. polite phrase for son of a bitch mainly US offensive 2. polite phrase for son of a bitch mainly…. Learn more.

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Son of a gun is an exclamation in American and British English.It can be used encouragingly or to compliment, as in "You son of a gun, you did it!" Definition. The Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary and Webster's Dictionary both define "son of a gun" in American English as a euphemism for son of a bitch. Encarta Dictionary defines the term in a different way as someone "affectionately or.

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1. The phrase originated as 'son of a military man' (that is, a gun). The most commonly repeated version in this strand is that the British Navy used to allow women to live on naval ships. Any child born on board who had uncertain paternity would be listed in the ship's log as 'son of a gun'. This is attestable fact as, although the Royal navy.

Mean Son Of A Gun YouTube

On ship, sailors on warships lived and ate on the gun deck literally squeezed around the guns so in the popular imagination, any birth at sea to a wife of the crew would have to happened on the gun deck between the guns, hence "son of a gun." In reality, they would give birth in a either the officers cabin, the surgeons cockpit in the bow or.

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Origin. Most language experts agree that the expression " son of a gun " has disputed origins. Some believe the term comes from the meaning of " son of a military man ." In this context, the most common use of the phrase was by the British Royal Navy, where it allowed women to live aboard naval ships, a practice condemned in other parts of the.

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Son of a gun definition: a rogue; rascal; scoundrel. See examples of SON OF A GUN used in a sentence.

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The phrase "son of a gun" originated on ships in the early 18th century, when women were allowed to accompany their husbands or new boyfriends on long sea voyages. During such voyages, mothers.