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How to say "What time is it?" in Japanese (2) pun/fun = minutes ; depending on afre which number it follows. numbers minites (fun or pun) 1 ichi 00:01 ip pun 2 ni 00:02 ni fun 3 sa. J's Language School Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, higashi 3-16-10 2F 3mins from Ebisu station. Mon-Thu 9am-9pm Fri・Sat 9am-4pm Sunday・National Holiday closed

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In the case of saying time in Japanese, it is quite complicated (especially "hour" and "minute"). However, especially at work, it is necessary to know the time accurately, so please try to learn it. Related article: Japanese days of the week in Japan; How to say and use Japanese words for colors; Learn Japanese language and culture with.

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十一時. じゅういちじ. juuichi-ji. twelve o'clock. 十ニ時. じゅうにじ. juuni-ji. As you can see, some of the hours in the table above are written in bold. These numbers are irregular from your usual 1 through 10 counting style and I would suggest you pay special attention to them as you study.

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The phrase " It is ___ o'clock " is " ___ ji " (〇〇時) in Japanese, but you can also use the politer sentence which is " ___ ji desu " (〇〇時です). The words for " AM " and " PM " are gozen (午前) and gogo (午後) and have to be added before the time. When writing the time you can either use Japanese kanji or.

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To specify a certain length of time, you must use the suffix ~時間 (jikan) for "hours", rather than the suffix ~時 (ji), which is only used for the time of day. (The kan in jikan means space or interval.) You can also add han or fun/pun just as before. 1時間. ichi jikan. 1 hour. 1時間半. ichi jikan han. 1 and a half hours.

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In order to tell the time, it is important that you are able to count in Japanese. To tell the time is quite easy. At first you say the hours, then the minutes. 半 (はん han) means half, as in half past the hour. So if someone asks you 今何時ですか the answer would be e.g. 今5時半です (Ima go-ji han desu) - It's half past five.

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However, sometimes it may be presented as 15時40分. If you refer to the symbols from important time vocabulary at the start of this article, you'll notice that 時 (ji) means hour and 分 (pun) means minutes. Therefore 15時40分 means 15 hours 40 minutes. To say 15時40分 in Japanese, you'd say じゅうごじ よんじゅっぷん (ju.

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There are basically two ways to tackle this problem. The first one is to say the exact time, such as 12:38. The other way is to go by quarters (12:15, 12:30, 12:45). Let's go over both of them now. The Japanese word for minute is 分 (fun) and it attaches to the end of the number. So 15 minutes is 15分 (jū go fun).

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What about the time in between? 2:22 or 2:45 or 5:12 etc… Well, for these, you will need to know how to count the numbers between 1 to 59 in Japanese. Let's review them here. These numbers are slightly different when applying to telling time. Read carefully, the third column is about adding "end" to telling time.

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2. Telling Time in Japanese: Hours. When speaking, the twelve-hour clock is more commonly used; when written, either the twelve-hour clock or the twenty-four-hour clock is used for telling time in Japanese. When using the twelve-hour clock, add 午前 ( gozen) meaning "a.m." or 午後 ( gogo) meaning "p.m." to clarify.

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How to Answer the Question: ★ We learned in a previous lesson how to say the time in Japanese. ★ To tell someone the time using formal speech, just say the time plus です (desu). For example,3時です。. (sanji desu) - "It's 3:00.". ★ To tell someone the time using informal speech, you can just say the time. For example, 3時.

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Ji(時) means "o'clock." Fun/pun(分)means "minutes." To express the time, say the hours first, then the minutes, then add desu(です). There is no special word for quarter hours. Han(半) means half, as in half past the hour. The hours are quite simple, but you need to watch out for four, seven and nine. 4 o' clock.

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How we talk about time in Japanese. The first thing you need to know is the counters or units of measurement used in Japanese to talk about time. In Japanese, like in English, you can use military time (the 24-hour clock) or am and pm to discuss what time you'd like to meet up. The first words you need to know are jikan - 時間 (じかん.

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Free Language Learning Tools; Free Audio Dictionary; What time is it? (何時ですか?) How to say "What time is it?" in Japanese (何時ですか?) We have audio examples from both a male and female professional voice actor.

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To give the time in Japanese, we say, for example (今は) (午後) 2時35分 です。. (ima wa) (gogo) ni-dji sanjûgo-fun dèss', or " (Currently), it is 2:35 (in the afternoon)." The Japanese language uses terms similar to a.m. and p.m. in English. In Japanese, we say the following: 午前 gozèn': "in the morning". 午後 gogo: "in the.

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Here, you'll get a step-by-step guide—with only three steps—to ace Japanese time-telling. You'll learn some basic numbers, how to say the hours and minutes and more! Contents. Step 1: Learn the Japanese Numbers; Step 2: Learn Time-related Words; Step 3: Learn the Counters; Hours; Minutes; Seconds; The Japanese Time Telling Challenge.