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Yes, Phasmophobia is delayed for PlayStation 5 but it is coming, alongside Xbox Series X and Series S. For console players, I recommend you'll want to learn how to use the DOTS Projector and the other ghost-hunting tools. Will Phasmophobia Release for PSVR2? As mentioned earlier, Phasmophobia is coming to PSVR2 as well!

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A console release for Phasmophobia has been in talks for a while, and eager ghost-hunters are still ready to jump into action. Throughout 2023, there were multiple dates for a Phasmophobia release.

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Well, as you know, we're now a few months into 2024, and Phasmophobia has still not been released on console.. Is Phasmophobia console release delayed again?. On October 17, 2023, developer.

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The console launch for Phasmophobia will "arrive as soon as it's ready." There's no official date just yet and this feature could drop whenever since the devs plan to release it as soon as.


It doesn't look like there are going to be any new maps for now. Phasmophobia's Xbox Series X/S, PSVR2 and PS5 Release Date: 2024. Unfortunately, the console versions were delayed yet again, this time because of a fire incident that took place at Kinetic Games' office building, and partly because of "unpredicted development issues".

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Posted: Jun 13, 2023 10:46 am. Announced during today's Xbox Games Extended Showcase, Phasmophobia will get a Console Early Access launch on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation VR2 in.

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Phasmophobia will launch on PlayStation 5 sometime in 2024, as soon as the devs have finished developing it. Although it was slated for Aug. 17, 2023, this release was pushed back indefinitely and.

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Console release. Phasmophobia will be released for consoles whenever the team has this launch ready to go. It will be released on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. Other new maps.

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The Phasmophobia 2024 roadmap also provides an update on the planned PS5 and Xbox console release. There is still no word on when exactly it will join Sony and Microsoft's platforms, but Kinetic.

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Marilyn Perry 2023-10-23. Phasmophobia. Back in June, KineticGames had announced that Phasmophobia was coming to console in August. However, due to an unfortunate accident, a fire had broken out in their studio. They had to delay the console release date to late October. With the developers having to move into a new office and rework maps, they.

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By Ricky Frech - October 17, 2023 04:19 pm EDT. 0. In August, developer Kinetic Games was forced to delay Phasmophobia 's console launch for the first time, citing "unpredicted development issues.

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Good, because Phasmophobia is coming to Xbox Series X / S, PS5, and PSVR 2 in August. The paranormal horror game will even include optional crossplay support so console and PC friends can team up.

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Console release; Point Hope map; Map reworks; Other new maps; Bug fixes; Performance improvements; The Phasmophobia roadmap has a lot of sought-after changes, but we likely still have quite a long time to wait for the full 1.0 release, even if these tweaks are (hopefully) coming in 2024. All we can do is wait for now, and hone our skills for.

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In an exciting surprise reveal earlier this year, genre-defining horror game Phasmophobia announced that it would finally be coming to consoles with an early access release announced for later.

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Phasmophobia was initially announced for a 2023 console launch on Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and PSVR2. The release has been delayed multiple times due to unforeseen events and development challenges. There is no official release date. Developers are working on the ports but emphasize a "when it's ready" approach.

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Console Early Access coming this August!