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Nine's The Summit, premiering Sunday the 14th of May, sees 14 strangers given one million dollars in cash, divided equally.To keep the money, they must get themselves and their backpack of cash to the summit of one of New Zealand's highest peaks. See Also: How The Summit raised the stakes as high as a mountain's peak Teamwork will be essential as the contestants must stick together, so.

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The Summit Australia 2023 concluded on June 4 with Brooke Kilowsky, Lulu Hawton and Isaac Compton claiming a share of the $490k prize money.. After deliberations were made by the eliminated Trekkers, including Jans Andre who was sent home at the top, Compton in particular, walked away with $250k, a cash amount he says he "absolutely deserves". "Gemma [Mullins] had said, 'a lot of.


Filed under News. Actor Jai Courtney hosts Nine's new reality series The Summit. Filmed in New Zealand the series is produced by Endemol Shine Australia. In the jagged alps of New Zealand, 14 strangers from all walks of life are given one million dollars in cash, divided equally. To keep the money, all they have to do is get themselves and.

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Exclusive: Sam reveals if he has any regrets about stealing thousands from the group's prize money on The Summit 2023. By Lauren Attard | A year ago. When Alex, Lulu, Brooke and Isaac were given the power to choose which trekker would be the next voted off The Summit, Sam knew he was in trouble.

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Stream every episode of The Summit for free on 9Now. Lulu received $90,000, while Brooke was given $150,000 - meaning Isaac was awarded the most out of everyone. In an exclusive interview with 9Entertainment, Isaac reflected on his incredible win and revealed what he plans to spend his life-changing cash prize on.

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Host Jai Courtney said it from the start: "Reaching The Summit is just the beginning". Brooke, Isaac and Lulu all rejoiced as they finally made it to the peak of The Summit during Sunday night's Grand Finale after 14 days, 200 kilometres of tough terrain and a plethora of dangerous obstacles. Stream every episode of The Summit for free on.

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The Summit Australia 2023 delivered one final shock twist during the finale episode when Jans Andre, who had successfully made it to the pinnacle of the mountain, was eliminated at the final moment by Lulu Hawton.. Upon reaching the top, one last duffle bag was dropped by the Moutain's Keeper, with the four remaining trekkers — Andre, Hawton, Brooke Kilowsky and Isaac Compton — rushing.

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Isaac's Thoughts on How the Prize Money Was Divided In the finale, the Trekkers split the prize money so that Lulu received $90,000 and Brooke was given $150,000 - meaning Isaac was awarded.

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The trekkers are forced to turn back due to dangerous weather. After reaching the top of the mountain, Isaac reveals how happy he feels to have made it and to take away $250,000 in prize money on The Summit 2023. Powered by Energizer.

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Three trekkers are sharing the spoils and walking away with a life-changing total of $490,000 after conquering the peak in Nine's big adventure program, The Summit. Facing a gruelling 14-day deadline in the pristine alps of New Zealand's South Island, Brooke, Lulu and Isaac reached the summit and were triumphant among the 14 everyday Aussies who started the journey.

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The Summit is a 2023 Australian reality television series, the premise being that a group of contestants have to reach the top of a mountain, undertaking various tasks along the way. Each contestant has a backpack with a portion of the grand prize of A$1,000,000.. The series first premiered on 14 May 2023 and was produced by Nine Network and Endemol Shine Australia.

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Brooke discovers what prize money she's received. Single mother Brooke opens the duffle bag to reveal how much the evicted trekkers have awarded her in prize money on The Summit 2023. Powered by Energizer. Special Interest. Clips.

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How Much Did the Trekkers Win on "The Summit"? Brooke: $150,000. Standing at the base of the mountain, the three faced a nerve-wracking moment as they opened their prize bags.

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The London Marathon will pay out at least $621,000 (£498,000) in prize money to elite athletes this morning with the race breaking new ground by offering equal prize money for the wheelchair events.

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Three contestants made it to the top of the summit, with each receiving a cash prize for the achievement. Isaac won $250,000, runner up Brooke was given $150,000, and Lulu came in third with.

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Channel 9. Brooke swiftly emerged as a formidable force in " The Summit ". Her inspiring blend of kindness and strength propelled her to the top in the finale, where she claimed victory.