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It has so much equipment as standard that helps it in this, whereas the base Terminator is basically just a really strong and resilient human, with a little scanning capability. In the 1v1 it's a little more even more like 6/10 for the Pred, it's possible that the Terminator is slightly stronger and more durable than the Predator, but the.

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Pred can win in guerilla (hide, seek, shoot plasma). If it's the duel, then t 800 have a winning chance, considering Danny Glover can beat pred, pred can win 2 though. (only if he is fast enough.

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Xenomorphs are Better Killers than Predators, & The Terminator Proves It. The number of Xenomorphs that attacked the Terminators were about the same as the number of Predators that were fighting in the battle. This direct side-by-side comparison seems to indicate that Xenomorphs are better killers, since they succeeded where the Predators so.

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The Predator's plasma caster and other energy-based weapons may cause some damage, but the Terminator's exoskeleton can withstand the punishment. In contrast, the Terminator's advanced weaponry, such as plasma rifles, would likely prove more effective against the Predator. Scenario 3: Tactics and Intelligence

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The Terminator and The Predator are two of the most popular sci-fi characters in the film industry. This article explores the abilities, strengths, and weaknesses of both characters and tries to determine who would win in a fight to the death. The Terminator, with its advanced targeting system and vast arsenal of weapons, has the […]

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Still confused on who would win, terminator vs predator . Battle They both been defeated by humans. One is made of flesh and the other is made of metal. Both have high skill of combat and arsenal.. Respect The Predator(Dark Horse Comics) Terminator. Respect The T-800 (Terminator) Respect The T-850 (Terminator) Respect The T-1000 (Terminator)

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The Terminator will be stronger and more durable, but the Predator faster and more skilled. Round 1: Could go either way. Round 2: Predator wins. Round 3: Could go either way, as Terminator will have his future plasma guns too.


Commanders: Predator. Both Terminator and Predator are operating, in their first films, on someone else's wishes. For Terminator, that's the evil AI Skynet, who wants to eliminate the leader of human resistance before he can mature into an adult. For Predator, he's following a time-honored tradition of his people; a hands-on approach to.

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In said books, the Predator has fought Xenomorphs, Judge Dredd, Batman, Superman, the Terminator, Tarzan, and Archie. There is no one the Predator won't hunt. Especially today, as the time has.

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The Aliens versus Predator versus The Terminator comic does somewhat answer the question of who would win a one-on-one fight between the Terminator and a Predator. In the second issue of the series, a genetically modified Terminator (spliced with Xenomorph DNA) created by Dr. Trollenberg squared off against a regular Yautja.

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They've unlocked interstellar travel and wrist nuke but so far they've been hunting only with a spear and a gun. The predator wins. simply because they are just faster than the terminators. Terminator, because it eliminates a target. A Predator hunts its prey, but a T-800 is not prey; but a killer.

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SURVIVE: Han Solo. Yes, it seems Harrison Ford is destined to survive a Terminator, as two Ford characters have now appeared on this list. Han Solo is a talented shooter and has the perfect weapon to take out a T-800 quickly: a laser pistol. RELATED: Star Wars: 5 Reasons Han Solo Is The Best Pilot (And 5 Why It's Vader)

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In a fair one-on-one fight between Alien vs. Predator's Xenomorph and Predator aliens, it is difficult to know who would actually win. However, the outcome of such a fight would depend a great deal on the rules of said fight. In Alien vs. Predator, there were many fight scenes between the Xenomorphs and the Predators, but none of them were technically fair, because each species always made use.

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Now in the post apocalyptic earth, a small group of predators to destroy Skynet. Before Skynet is defeated, it sends on last defective terminator that believes it's human with a subconscious programmed to kill the first predator for discovering earth. Thus that's why Arnold is in the the first movie Predator. Wow.

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The Terminator will most likely win in a fight against the Predator. While they are both incredibly strong hunters, the Terminator is simply a lot more durable than the Predator. On top of that, Terminator is basically a walking super-computer with intel and knowledge that surpasses what the Predator knows.