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This question asks why router manufacturers make collets smaller than 1/2". Spring into Savings Starts Today - Save up to 40%. Cancel. Help. Sign In. Wishlist. Cart. OK. Hardware; Workshop; Finishing. Straight and Spiral Router Bits. Shop All. Joinery Router Bits. Shop All. Flush Trim Router Bits. Shop All. Chamfer Router Bits. Shop All.

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The 1/2" router lives in the router table full time. The 1/4" plunge gets used for most small jobs that don't either can't be done on the table, or don't require the extra power of the 1/2". The two fixed head routers get used for rounding over (the bit spends all its time in the router and i have a protective plate to save it geting damaged.

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Also get one that can work with either a fixed base or a plunge base. The Bosch 1617 EVSPK is a solid choice. The bosch 1617 evspk offers both sizes in one router. 1/4" for starters, 1/2" is a bit of a beast for a novice. Unless you run a high production cabinet/millwork shop you won't ever need a 1/2 router.

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Router bits with 1/2-inch shanks have nearly four times the mass of 1/4-inch-shank bits, which translates into greater stability. The extra mass helps reduce what is known as "chatter," or vibrations caused by the high speed of the spinning bit. As you might expect, a more stable bit makes a cleaner cut. The greater mass of a 1/2-inch bit also.

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Typically rated at 3 HP to 3-1/4 HP, these routers are designed for production use. These routers are often used dedicated to a router table or CNC operations. Due to the massive size of these routers, they can be somewhat cumbersome to use in everyday handheld operations. Whether you are applying a simple 1/2" round-over to a tabletop or.

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I use 1/2" when I can. There probably isn't much real difference, except when there is a choice of the same profile with different shafts, most of the time the better bit is the 1/2" one. 1/4" is fine for tiny cuts in easy wood. For larger amounts of stock removal, you need 1/2".

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Best Router Bits. 1. Frued 91-100 13-Piece Router Bit Set. Freud is a trusted manufacturer of saw blades and router bits. This 13-piece set includes a great selection of bits, so you can test the durability of Freud products for yourself. The main details of this set include the following: 13 bits with 1/2 inch shank.

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If you were to want to make miniature dove tails with a jig, you will need a bit with a 1/4" shank as the 1/2" shank would be to large the fit thru the tails of the joint. The router you are getting will be able to handle any bit you need to use at the time. I use an 1/8" roundover frequently & have one set up in a trim router with a 1/4.

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DesertRatTom. 25147 posts · Joined 2012. #2 · Jul 31, 2021. You can use either. I generally prefer the 12 half inch shank because the collet has more surface area to hold the bit in place. The larger shank, however, still has to get small enough to accommodate the narrow end of the cutter, which will be fairly similar to the quarter inch.

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Power: 18 volts (1-1/4 peak hp) Collet: 1/4 in. Base: Fixed. As lithium-ion batteries grow more powerful and compact, more routers are cutting the cord, making these power tools much easier to.

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Colt W. Knight. I build electric guitars, and a strong router and a 1/2'' shank 2'' long pattern following bit yields better lines and a smoother cut than several passes with a 1" long pattern bit and a 1/4'' shank. All in all, less chatter when you need to remove more material. Thinner stock or lighter routes, the 1/4'' JUST AS WELL.

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ForestGirl's advise is solid. Rather than purchasing mostly 1/4" shank bits and a few 1/2" shank bits for use exclusively in the table, purchase mostly 1/2" shank bits and a few 1/4" shank bits for use in a laminate trimmer/laminate trimmer. The only 1/4" shank bit I regularly use is a 1/2" diameter x 1/2" tall hinge mortise bit.

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Greetings, fellow woodworking enthusiasts! Today, we're going to dive into the world of router bits, specifically comparing 1/4 and 1/2-inch router bits. If

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Own a Dewalt DW611 compact router and it only has a 1/4 chuck. I primarily use it for edge shaping by hand, and 1/4" round over bit lives in that router most of time. But also use small beading, chamfer, mortise, and template/pastern bits. My general rule of thumb is any bit with overall diameter large than 3/4-7/8 inch should be 1/2 shank.

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This advantage of the 1/2-inch bit is due to its greater mass compared to the 1/4-inch bits which makes the bits more stable and less prone to chatter. Apart from that, the 1/2-inch shank bits also can dissipate heat better which is generated when the bit is cutting into the wood. The greater mass lowers the dissipation of heat as well as slows.

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Hitchin, Hertfordshire. 8 Apr 2017. #2. Essentially the 1/2" is heavier and will take a heavier cut without snapping and a 1/2" router will generally be more powerful - so the bit needs to be able to handle it. 1/4" bits can be delicate so don't push em too hard. Free handing a 1/2" router can be pretty awkward and occasionally exciting.