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Take this fun personality quiz and unravel the mystery behind your hidden middle name. Your middle name can reveal unique aspects of your personality and add a touch of intrigue to your identity. This quiz will delve into your traits, preferences, and personal style to uncover the perfect middle name that resonates with who you truly are.

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Mana Is My Middle Name. Mana is a Hawaiian name that you might consider naming your child. These Hawaiian names are believed to be spiritual energy and power. Despite the fact missionaries almost eliminated Hawaiian naming traditions in the 19th century. Hawaiian naming practices started to return in late 20th century.

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The word "Mana" finds its origins in the Polynesian languages, particularly in the Tahitian and Hawaiian dialects. In these cultures, Mana is closely linked to the divine, making it a term of immense reverence. Linguists suggest that the term 'mana' comes from the Proto-Oceanic word 'mana', which means "supernatural power.".

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